2. PERSONA 3 THE MOVIE Blu-ray Disc BOX (4Blu-ray+4CD)

PERSONA 3 THE MOVIE Blu-ray Disc BOX (4Blu-ray+4CD)

Price(USD): $222.80

CD No: ANZX-16561
Release Date: 2023/02/22
Format: 4BD+4CD

This Blu-ray box set includes the complete four films released in theaters from 2013-16. Contains four discs: "#1 Spring of Birth", "#2 Midsummer Knight's Dream", "#3 Falling Down", "#4 Winter of Rebirth". Includes four original soundtrack CDs. Illustrated slipcase packaging with a booklet. *Both the main disc and the bonus disc are re-recorded from each limited edition. *The special booklet is a re-edited version of the booklet included in each limited edition.
Release Date: 2023.2.22(Limited)