2. SAINT CECILIA & PASTOR LAWRENCE 2 [Limited Release] (Blu-ray+CD)

SAINT CECILIA & PASTOR LAWRENCE 2 [Limited Release] (Blu-ray+CD)

Price(USD): $83.50

CD No: ANZX-16182
Release Date: 2023/11/01
Format: BD+CD

There is a church. There lived a cute but a little bit strange holly woman and an earnest, overprotective, and good cook, the pastor. In the midst of their peaceful days, the lady and the insensitive pastor, who are secretly in love, unfold an "unconscious love comedy". Contains 4 episodes from #05 to #08. Digi-case packaging with illustrations by Yomi Nakagawa. Comes with a special booklet vol.1, an original soundtrack vol.1 and a booklet.
Release Date: 2023.11.1(Limited)