2. GINTAMA ON THEATER 2D: Baragaki-hen [Limited Release] (Blul-ray+CD)

GINTAMA ON THEATER 2D: Baragaki-hen [Limited Release] (Blul-ray+CD)

Price(USD): $38.80

CD No: ANZX-15491
Release Date: 2024/03/27
Format: BD+CD

Blu-ray release of "Baragaki Hen," a hit episode of the anime series "Gintama," which was shown at theaters from November 10, 2023 with bonus footage. Plot: A man named Tetsunosuke Sasaki comes to Shinsengumi's second-in-command, Toushiro Hijikata, as a minor under his supervision. Tetsunosuke is from the prestigious Sasaki family, which produces only the elite among the shogunate vassals, but he is an out-of-control troublemaker who has been sent to the Shinsengumi after being passed around from station to station. Tetsunosuke's flirtatious attitude irritated Hijikata, but he managed to suppress his rationality and continued to take care of him. One day, Tetsunosuke runs into Iizaburo Sasaki, the head of the "Mimawarigumi," an organization of the police's elite. Iizaburo is Tetsunosuke's half-brother, but he calls Tetsunosuke a "dropout" and a "concubine's son". Hijikata is angered by this comment, and he picks a fight with Isozaburo head-on. This is because he sees in Tetsunosuke, who has nowhere to belong, the image of himself when he was a helpless little brat. Tetsunosuke learns of Hijikata's past, and he decides to become stronger by following Hijikata's example and reforming himself. Hijikata entrusts him with a mission to deliver an important letter, and he is determined to complete it, but along the way he is captured by the radical expulsionist group Chekerato. Their goal is to take Tetsunosuke, a relative of the police, hostage and crush the Shinsengumi and the Mimawarigumi in one fell swoop. However, the Mimawarigumi, without caring about the hostage, plans to destroy the Chekerato, and furthermore, to make the Shinsengumi, which had Tetsunosuke in its custody, take responsibility and wipe out the Chekerato. Hijikata is furious that his brother has been used as a tool to wipe out the Chekerato, and the all-out war between the Shinsengumi and the Mimawarigumi begins...! Digijacket with new illustrations by Shinji Takeuchi. Includes a bonus radio CD, a reduced-size pamphlet, and a special leaflet.
Release Date: 2024.3.27(限定盤)