2. Build-Divide -#FFFFFF- (CODE:WHITE) 3 [Limited Release] (Blu-ray+CD)

Build-Divide -#FFFFFF- (CODE:WHITE) 3 [Limited Release] (Blu-ray+CD)

Price(USD): $96.30

CD No: ANZX-15425
Release Date: 2022/09/28
Format: BD+CD

Blu-ray Volume 3 of "Build-Divide #FFFFFFF- (Code White)" to be broadcast from April 2022! Includes episodes 21-24. Cover artwork design by character designer, Shinpei Tomooka, Includes 5 "Build-Divide TCG" limited promotional cards, special booklet, and original soundtrack CD 3. The new command cards features different illustrations, and you can get all four cards if you have both the first and second volumes of the package.
Release Date: 2022.9.28(Limited)