2. GIVEN (Movie) [Limited Edition] (Blu-ray+CD)

GIVEN (Movie) [Limited Edition] (Blu-ray+CD)

Price(USD): $54.90

CD No: ANZB-14014
Release Date: 2021/02/03
Format: DVD+CD

DVD release. Contains Original Soundtrack CD! High school student, Uenoyama Ritsuka, is shocked by the voice of Sato Mafuyu and asks him to join her band with Nakayama Haruki and Kaji Akihiko as a vocalist. Their first live concert after Mafuyu joining the band, was a success, and the band "Given" begins its activities. Ritsuka and Mafuyu becomes a couple. Haruki has been secretly in love with Akihiko for many years, but Akihiko has been carrying on a relationship with his roommate, the violinist Ugetsu Murata. The love between Haruki, Akihiko and Ugetsu begins to creak on the screen…!
Release Date: 2021.2.3(Limited)