2. NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO (Ltd.Ed. Clear Purple 140gr vinyl)

NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO (Ltd.Ed. Clear Purple 140gr vinyl)

Price(USD): $34.80

Label: AMS(IT)
Release Date: 2022/09/09
Format: 1LP

Just reading the artist and the title of this work would be more than enough to present this release: the most renowned Italian musician, composer and conductor, followed by one of the most famous Italian films ever: that's just what they are, after all, Ennio Morricone and "Cinema Paradiso", a film that in 1990 earned director Giuseppe Tornatore an Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

Love, nostalgia, melancholy, these are the three main ingredients of "Cinema Paradiso", the same that characterize Morricone's soundtrack. A work of pure classical music: orchestral, symphonic, compelling and moving, it's the perfect comment to the scenes expertly directed by Tornatore.

Clear Purple vinyl Limited edition.
Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 6 discs

Track List

Side A:
1.Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (titoli)
4.Infanzia e maturita
5.Cinema in fiamme (extended version)
6.Tema d'amore
7.Dopo il crollo (extended version)
8.Prima gioventu

Side B:
9.Tema d'amore per Nata
10.Visita al cinema
11.Quattro interludi
12.Fuga, ricerca e ritorno
13.Proiezione a due
14.Dal sex appeal al primo fellini
15.Toto e Alfredo
16.Per Elena