2. GODZILLA, ESCAPE (7'' Black Vinyl)

GODZILLA, ESCAPE (7'' Black Vinyl)

Price(USD): $26.80

Label: AMS(IT)
CD No: AMS4507
Release Date: 2020/06/20
Format: 1EP

Magnetic System were a sort of supergroup consisting of keyboard virtuoso and orchestra director Vince Tempera, Cinevox sibling Franco Bixio and a young Fabio Frizzi. They only released a 7" in 1977, which has now become one of the rarest and most sought-after of the entire Cinevox catalogue! Both sides of this 45rpm, here officially reissued for the first time ever, contain a soundtrack motive: Godzilla was made for Luigi Cozzi's 1977 psychedelic version of the eponymous classic movie, and it's a synth-based acid trip with a space and krautrock flavour, while Escape was written for the film Operazione K: sparate a Vista, and it's a more up-tempo funky and groovy song. A beautiful discovery that demonstrates once again that the '70s never cease to surprise! Coloured vinyl edition.