2. ALL RUSH!! Drama & Character Song CD Vol.2

ALL RUSH!! Drama & Character Song CD Vol.2

Price(USD): $21.30

Release Date: 2023/11/24
Format: 1CD

The new label "+iRO" from the animation production company PIERO presents a story of daily life, growth, and certain (!?) aspects of the animation industry. The story of daily life, growth, and industry existence (!?) in the animation industry is finally released as the second volume of the drama CD! -- Welcome to studioONE" Dashing Isu, a desk clerk at the production department of the animation production company "studioONE", and Mamoru Ureshino, a member of the sales department, are classmates. As seniors, they take care of the unique new employees, Asa Kanakura and the others. Isu, who is always worried about the dietary habits of the new employees, is called "mother" and has mixed feelings about it. The drama is filled with the hardships and memories of being in a middle management position. The song "Tsunagite", a marginal work song that can be sung and memorized in a fun way, by the senior team of Isu Sasato and Ureshino Mamoru, is also included. [Cast] Kanakura Asa: Chiba Shoya, Isu Soto: Toki Shunichi, Ureshino Mamoru: Nakazawa Masatomo
Release Date: 2023.11.24