2. ENTER THE DRAGON (Expanded)


Price(USD): $35.80

Label: ALEPH
CD No: ALEPH-048
Release Date: 2014/11/11
Format: 1CD

One of the most iconic scores of Lalo Schifrin s career, in a brand-new extended edition! One of the greatest film composers of all time! Extended edition of original score, not available anywhere else!

Track List

1. Prologue: The First Fight
2. Main Titles
3. Su-Lin (The Monk)
4. Sampans and Flashbacks
5. Han s Island
6. The Banquet
7. Headset Jazz
8. The Gentle Softness
9. Into the Night
10. Goodbye Oharra
11. Bamboo Birdcage
12. Han s Cruelty
13. The Human Fly
14. The Big Battle
15. Broken Mirrors
16. End Titles
17. Theme from Enter the Dragon
18. Main Titles (Alternate)