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Release Date: 2016/11/25
Format: 1CD

An exciting television crime jazz double feature presentation from Ember's historical jazz vaults, two soundtracks of similar late '50s, early 1960s vintage; pairing Edwin Astley's score for the Associated-British production International Detective, starring Arthur Fleming, Millicent Martin and Nigel Green, with Tony Crombie's Manciniesque soundtrack music for the Danziger Brothers series Man from Interpol, with Richard Wyler in the lead role as Interpol Agent Anthony Smith, an officer from Interpol on assignment to Scotland Yard. Both scores are an impressive combination of widescreen modern big band and limpid, esoteric chamber jazz; befitting the cosmopolitan settings of each production. In 1955 Edwin Astley announced himself by writing the eternal bow and arrow motif for the Robin Hood titles sequence. If over the next fifteen years his clever themes and skilfully arranged dramatic scores for such peak time ITC productions as Danger Man (the programme that cut a path for Bond, Harry Palmer and The Prisoner), The Saint (including it's world-famous seven note signature), Gideon's Way, The Baron, The Champions, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) and Department S (where for the first time we would meet the era-defining Jason King), made his music as much a part of British daily life as the Beatles or the Stones, it is now the stuff of legend. Tony Crombie, known as ''The Baron'' by his colleagues, was one of the finest drummers and bandleaders to emerge amid the post-war British jazz boom and a composer of International standing (Miles Davis recorded Crombie's So Near, So Far, on his 1963, Seven Steps to Heaven album). His own bands included a raucous aggregation entitled the Rockets (who, it is said, introduced rock 'n' roll to Iceland) and collaborations in the field of jazz with Tubby Hayes, Annie Ross, Gordon Beck, Victor Feldman and Stan Tracey. He toured with visiting artists like Lena Horne and Carmen McRae, working also with Stephane Grappelli and Georgie Fame and in multi-various settings with Ronnie Scott; becoming the house drummer at Scott's club in the early 60s, where he accompanied such visiting American stars as Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster and Jimmy Witherspoon.
Release Date: 2016/11/25

Track List

1?International Detective (Instrumental) - Edwin Astley
2?Murder Strip - Edwin Astley
3?Theme for Larceny - Edwin Astley
4?Night Patrol - Edwin Astley
5?The Badge - Edwin Astley
6?Manhunt - Edwin Astley
7?Shock Tactics - Edwin Astley
8?Murder Chase - Edwin Astley
9?International Detective (Instrumental Reprise) - Edwin Astley
10?International Detective (Vocal) - Edwin Astley
11?The Menace - Edwin Astley
12?Concerto in Law - Edwin Astley
13?The Net - Edwin Astley
14?After Dark - Edwin Astley
15?Gang Busters - Edwin Astley
16?Ten Four ! - Edwin Astley
17?Opus in Blue - Edwin Astley
18?The Avenger - Edwin Astley
19?International Defender - Edwin Astley
20?International Detective (Vocal Reprise) - Edwin Astley
21?International Detective (Instrumental Version) - Edwin Astley
22?Man from Interpol - Tony Crombie
23?Interpol Chase - Tony Crombie
24?Slow Beat - Tony Crombie
25?My Fair Laine - Tony Crombie
26?Fordaire - Tony Crombie
27?Motor Museum - Tony Crombie
28?The Toff - Tony Crombie
29?Breezy Capers - Tony Crombie
30?Blues Macabre - Tony Crombie
31?Samba de Janeiro - Tony Crombie
32?Beaulieu Blues - Tony Crombie
33?Nightprowl - Tony Crombie
34?Domus - Tony Crombie
35?Panic Station - Tony Crombie
36?Interpol Cha Cha - Tony Crombie
37?Escape to Hawaii - Tony Crombie
38?Perpetual Lover - Tony Crombie
39?Shapes - Tony Crombie
40?Beguine Portent - Tony Crombie
41?Man from Interpol - End Theme - Tony Crombie