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CD No: A9068
Release Date: 2023/05/19
Format: 1CD

After he moves with his parents from the American city of San Diego to a small Scottish village, nine-year-old Tony is constantly tormented by nightmares about vampires ? indeed he ends up actually encountering these creatures of the night. A close friendship develops between Tony and the little vampire Rudolph together with his vampire sister Anna ? but in the dark shadows also lurks the vampire hunter Rookery, whose only goal is to destroy the undead once and for all…

This film from the year 2000 was critically acclaimed. The score was written by Nigel Clarke & Michael Csanyi-Wills (The Littel Polar Bear), who together fully exploited the large-scale orchestra they had at their disposal, the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, to create, amongst many others, an evocative theme for the friendship between Tony and Rudolph, dark and exhilarating music for the confrontations with Rookery and haunting melodies matching the beautiful Scottish landscapes.

A soundtrack CD was released at the time of the film, but it is now out of print. We at Alhambra Records are delighted to re-release this soundtrack and have added two exclusive bonus tracks in which Nigel Clarke and Michael Csanyi-Wills talk about their memories and their experiences of working on this score. The running time of the CD is about 61 minutes, and the album contains a 16-page CD booklet including a text by the composers. We hope you enjoy The Little Vampire album. Limited 2000 copies.

Track List

01. Opening Titles - Tony’s Nightmare 2:40
02. Impressions Of Scotland 1:25
03. Vampire Hunter 2:58
04. Enchanted Encounter 2:09
05. “I Can Fly” 2:46
06. Farmer’s Theme 0:50
07. Caught In The Graveyard 2:38
08. Mysterious New Friend 2:40
09. Breaking The Curse 5:27
10. Beneath The Castle 2:25
11. Anna’s Theme 2:10
12. Tony’s Vision 3:49
13. No-One To Play With 1:37
14. The Stone Of Attamon 4:46
15. The Little Vampire Suite - Closing Titles 8:05

16. Memories of Scoring The Little Vampire (Nigel Clarke) 5:18
17. Memories of Scoring The Little Vampire (Michael Csanyi-Wills) 10:12

Music Performed by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Robin Page