2. PAN


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CD No: 88875164042
Release Date: 2015/10/16
Format: 1CD

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features songs by Lily Allen &Tim Rice-Oxley and a cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by the cast of PAN. Score by John Powell.

This item has a planned release date of October 16th.

Track List

1 Opening Overture - John Powell
2 Air Raid / Office Raid- John Powell
3 Kidnapped / Galleon Dog Fight- John Powell
4 Floating / Neverland Ahoy!- John Powell
5 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Cast of Pan
6 Blitzkrieg Bop - Cast of Pan
7 Murmurs of Love and Death- John Powell
8 Mine Escape- John Powell
9 Inverted Galleon- John Powell
10 Neverbirds- John Powell
11 Something's Not Right - Lily Allen & Tim Rice Oxley
12 Tramp Stamp- John Powell
13 Origin Story- John Powell
14 Pirates Vs Natives Vs Heroes Vs Chickens- John Powell
15 Crocodiles and Mermaids- John Powell
16 A Warrior's Fate- John Powell
17 Flying Ship Fight- John Powell
18 A Boy Who Could Fly- John Powell
19 Transfiguration- John Powell
20 Fetching the Boys- John Powell
21 Little Soldier - Lily Allen & Tim Rice Oxley