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Label: SONY
CD No: 88875135502
Release Date: 2017/06/09
Format: 2CD

2017 two CD set. The American Epic Sessions is a feature-length film showcasing an all-star roster of contemporary artists, led by Jack White and T Bone Burnett, replicating a 1920s recording session and paying tribute to the great artists of the past. For the film, the American Epic team has reassembled the very first electrical sound recording system from the 1920s, and invited Jack White and T Bone Burnett to produce an album of recordings by twenty of today's greatest artists. In this beautifully filmed musical feature, these artists are given the chance to pass through the portal that brought the world into the modern era. The soundtrack features many additional performances not seen in the film. Featuring: Alabama Shakes, The Americans, Ana Gabriel, Ashley Monroe, The Avett Brothers, Beck, Bettye LaVette, Bobby Ingano, Elton John, Frank Fairfield, Jerron ''Blind Boy'' Paxton, Los Lobos, Stephen Stills, Lost Bayou Ramblers, Nas, Pokey LaFarge, Christine Pizzuti, Raphael Saadiq, Rhiannon Giddens, Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, Taj Mahal, Jack White, and Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard.
Release Date: 2015/6/9

Track List

1. Killer Diller Blues - Alabama Shakes
2. On the Road Again - Nas
3. Candy Man - Blind Boy Paxton
4. Two Fingers of Whiskey - Elton John and Jack White
5. The Coo Coo Bird - Steve Martin and Edie Brickell
6. Like a Rose - Ashley Monroe
7. The Only Man Wilder than Me - Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard
8. Matrimonial Intentions - Jack White
9. One Hour Mama - Rhiannon Giddens
10. Mal Hombre - Ana Gabriel11. El Cascabel
11. Closer Walk with Thee - The Avett Brothers
12. Fourteen Rivers, Fourteen Floods - Beck

1. Nobody’s Dirty Business - Bettye Lavette
2. St. Louis Blues - Pokey LaFarge
3. High Water Everywhere, Part 2 - Taj Mahal
4. One Mic - Nas
5. Pretty Saro - Rhiannon Giddens
6. Jubilee - Ashley Monroe
7. Tous les Matins - Lost Bayou Ramblers
8. When I Woke Up this Morning - Bettye Lavette
9. If the River was Whiskey - Frank Fairfield
10. Stealin’ Stealin’ - Raphael Saadiq
11. Jordan am a Hard Road to Travel - The Avett Brothers
12. Sail Away Ladies - The Americans
13. Tomi Tomi - The Hawaiians
14. Last Kind Words - Christine Pizzuti
15. Come On in My Kitchen - Stephen Stills
16. Mama’s Angel Child - Jack White
17. Josephine - Pokey LaFarge
18. Hilo Hanakahi - The Hawaiians
19. Old Fashioned Love - Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard