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Label: NAXOS
CD No: 85733-6
Release Date: 2015/03/31
Format: 1CD

The Moscow Symphony Orchestra conducted by William Stromberg. Score restorations by John Morgan.

THE ROOTS OF HEAVEN - Romain Gary's best-selling novel ''The Roots of Heaven'' was adapted to film in Cinemascope and DeLuxe Color by producer Darryl F. Zanuck. Though billed third, Trevor Howard plays the central character, an idealist who has gone into Africa in hopes of saving the elephants from extinction. At first regarded as a crank, Howard shows he's not kidding by taking a shot at the posterior of a pompous news commentator (Orson Welles). As Howard's crusade gains momentum, several opportunists go along with him, among them a disgraced British military officer (Errol Flynn) hoping to redeem himself. ''Roots of Heaven'' represented the last truly worthwhile screen appearance by Errol Flynn, who died less than a year after filming his Roots death scene. The film itself was shot on location in French Equatorial Africa--a grueling experience for its stars and its director (John Huston), one worthy of a book in itself. 1958

DAVID COPPERFIELD - This 1970 version of Charles Dickens' classic novel, ''David Copperfield'' (made as a film twice before) turns Dickens' picaresque tale into an extended flashback, with David Copperfield (Robin Phillips) as a young man, brooding on a deserted beach, recalling his youth. The characters are all trotted out in flashback form as David remembers his life as a young orphan, brought to London and passed around from relatives, to guardians, to boarding school. Also stars Laurence Olivier, Edith Evans, Wendy Hiller, Richard Attenborough, Pamela Franklin, Susan Hampshire, Michael Redgrave, Ralph Richardson, and Anne Stallybrass.

Track List

1. Overture 4:54
2. Main Title 1:40
3. Fort Lamy 1:42
4. The Great Elephants 0:48
5. Morel's Retribution 1:51
6. Morel's Camp 1:30
7. Minna & St. Denis 1:10
8. Minna & Major Forsythe 0:26
9. The Jungle Clearing 1:07
10. The Elephant Herd 1:49
11. Minna's Dream 1:24
12. The Ivory Poachers 1:06
13. The Elephant Hunt 3:59
14. Morel's Capture 1:20
15. At the Well 0:54
16. The Sand Storm 1:01
17. Return to Biondi 2:36
18. Return to Biondi (Part 2)* 1:43
19. Minna's Goodbye* 1:14
20. Finale & End Titles 1:44

* Music developed by Alfred Newman

21. Main Title 2:37
22. Return to Yarmouth 3:12
23. Visit to Aunt Betsy - Davy Loves Emily 1:54
24. Agnes's Arrival - Mother's Funeral 1:22
25. Mr. Micawber 2:19
26. Memories of Dora & Steerforth 1:55
27. Love for Dora 2:28
28. Mr. Micawber Exposes Heep 2:06
29. Dora's Declaration 1:39
30. Agnes Leaves David 1:06
31. In Search of Emily 2:50
32. Emigration to Australia 1:44
33. David's Resolution & Finale 3:01