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“Agents of Secret Stuff” is an exciting Spy-infused soundtrack to the Youtube hit film. It’s a hilarious mash-up of the spy and teen-drama genres, and the story revolves around a secret agent who must go undercover in high school to protect a girl. It is directed by Wong Fu Productions, and features a plethora of youtube stars, including: Arden Cho, D-Trix, Smosh, Kassem G, HiimRawn,

Bonus tracks feature music from:
FUNEMPLOYED (starring Kevjumba), is a whimsical web series about two friends' journey through unemployment as they discover what their friendship and chasing dreams really mean.

THESE FOUR WALLS, a poetic short film which journeys through picturesque Italian landscapes and scenery to question the endless possibilities the world has to offer when we step outside our comfort zone.

TECHNOLOGY RUINS ROMANCE examines how difficult romantic situations, portrayed in movies and stories of the past, can be in the modern digital age.

UP IN DA CLUB is a comedic series about the clubbing scene.

JUST A NICE GUY is a 3-part mini-series dealing with the frustration of being a nice guy and single.

Recommend if you like David Arnold, John Barry, and Yiruma.
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Track List

1. Agents of Secret Stuff
2. Training To Be An Ass
3. Prime Locker Estate
4. Danger Lurks
5. Slippery Floors
6. Get Out of My Room
7. Double Rainbow Girly Cookies
8. Blade In the Flower
9. Date Chase
10. It's a Trap
11. My Only Friend
12. Saved By A Girl
13. Angry Asian Girl
14. Ruining The Moment
15. Are You My Father?
16. Trust Issues
17. Anger Unleashed
18. A Father's Sacrifice
19. Agents on the Inside
20. The World Is Saved
21. Whimsicle Yogurt
22. Rock Rym
23. Annoying Admirer
24. Unemployed Life Is Good
25. These Four Walls
26. 1st Competition
27. Coffee Shop Meet
28. In Serious Trouble
29. Crunch Some Numbers
30. Freaking Loser
31. Passed Out Drunk
32. Bad Combover
33. Experimental Recipes
34. Hair Loss
35. Familiar Scent
36. Sales Pitch
37. Bad News Phone Call
38. Nice Guy Finishes First