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CD No: 819376013220
Release Date: 2020/02/21
Format: 1CD

A soundtrack album for Simon Baker’s directorial debut Breath. The album features the film’s original music composed by Harry Gregson-Williams (The Chronicles of Narnia, The Martian, Shrek, Kingdom of Heaven, Man on Fire). Breath is co-written and directed by Baker who also stars in the movie alongside Samson Coulter, Ben Spence and Elizabeth Debicki. The movie is based on the best-selling novel by Tim Winton and follows a 13-year-old thrill-seeker in a coastal Australian town who finds both exhilaration and danger when he is taken under the wing of a pro surfer. Japanese CD release.
Release Date: 2020.2.21

Track List

1. In The River
2. Restless
3. First Waves
4. Styrofoam Boards
5. Outside Sawyer Point
6. Dancing on Water
7. Going Home
8. A Different Life
9. Appointment Undisclosed
10. Diving
11. Beneath The Surface
12. Old Smokey
13. “Go, Pikelet!”
14. Loonie Did It Harder
15. The Nautilus
16. After The Waves
17. The Social
18. “You’re Different”
19. Breath
20. “It’s Not For Me”