2. WE ARE STILL HERE (180gr Clear Red Vinyl)

WE ARE STILL HERE (180gr Clear Red Vinyl)

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CD No: 810041483454
Release Date: 2020/11/20
Format: 1LP

A potently multithreaded horror film: What seems like the contemplation of grief becomes a tale of unspeakable and enigmatic terror. Complementing this twisted tale is the haunting score by Polish composer Wojciech Golczewski (MOHAWK, BEYOND THE GATES) and three otherworldly rock numbers by Slow Moses and Kleen Kut. Golczewski's deft compositions embrace the story's rich dynamic but never try to overstep it.
As we experience the trials of the Sacchetti couple, who've moved into an old farmhouse in an inhospitable New England town, Golczewski treats us to a host of equally delicate and indelicate passages. Dry, creaky strings, an ominous electronic hum, and the searing burn of the synths all leave an indelible mark with each suspended breath of foreboding and every histrionic blaze. Phoenix-based Slow Moses' dreamy "Gas Station" and hallucinogenic "Teenage Sun" are bruised-and-battered songs that add a whimsical counterpoint to the beautifully terrifying tapestries that Golczewski weaves. New York-based Kleen Kut's rare "Running Out of Time" is a dark, disembodied rocker with phantasmal melodies unfurling from ancient truths. It carries propulsive, raw energy that codifies the sentiments of the film into a guitar-driven, minor-key strut of otherworldly enchantment. Even after the last note fades, we are still here for another spin.

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Track List

1 Entry I
2 Zwischenspiel Gang
3 Soft Array (Featuring Aerial Drones
4 Faira & Niklas Wandt)
5 Entry II
6 Mangata (Featuring Viva Erotica)
7 Montage Taxi
8 Mangata II
9 Entry III