2. MAN IN A SUITCASE (Remastered) (5CD)

MAN IN A SUITCASE (Remastered) (5CD)

Price(USD): $67.50

CD No: 7959058
Release Date: 2019/05/24
Format: 5CD

Compiled and remastered from the original analogue master tapes, this release comprises the theme and incidental scores for Man in a Suitcase, containing over 300 pieces of music which were especially composed for the series.

Ron Grainer's memorable theme and Albert Elms' vibrant incidental score capture the international adventures experienced by McGill, discredited ex-CIA agent reduced to working as a private investigator.

Including a comprehensive liner notes booklet by archive television historian Andrew Pixley, this is an essential purchase for soundtrack collectors.

Track List

Disc One
1-24 Man from the Dead
25-42 All That Glitters
43-63 Find the Lady

Disc Two
1-25 Brainwash
26-48 The Girl Who Never Was
49-71 Variation on a Million Bucks part one

Disc Three
1-18 Variation on a Million Bucks part two
19-20 The Sitting Pigeon
21-25 The Blind Spot
26-51 The Bridge

Disc Four
1-19 The Man Who Stood Still
20-41 Somebody Loses, Somebody... Wins?
42-46 The Whisper
47-74 Who’s Mad Now?

Disc Five
1-29 Castle in the Clouds
30-55 Night Flight to Andorra
56-73 Alternate Takes and Other Cues