2. BEST OF SELLERS/ Peter Sellers

BEST OF SELLERS/ Peter Sellers

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CD No: 710742
Release Date: 2012/06/25
Format: 1CD

His first solo album is probably his funniest, containing two of the best rock & roll parodies ever made -- ''The Trumpet Volunteer'' (Cockney rock & roller decides to get more sophisticated by grafting a classical trumpet line onto typical pop dreck) and ''We Need the Money'' (a British duke sings a typical upbeat pop-rock ditty about living in the upper class). Also great is ''Suddenly It's Folk Song,'' a dead-on parody of British Isles folk (including a drunken pub singalong, and a session that dissolves into a barroom brawl). Spoken-word comic sketches aren't neglected, giving Sellers a chance to sport his astonishingly wide range of accents -- ''Party Political Speech,'' a typically stuffy and meaningless British harangue, is the best of these. Originally released as a British ten-inch, it's now readily available in its entirety on the Celebration of Sellers box.

Track List

1. The Trumpet Volunteer
Kenneth Hare / Peter Sellers
2. Auntie Rotter
Ron Goodwin / Bob Monkhouse
3. All the Things You Are
Oscar Hammerstein II / Jerome Kern
4. We Need the Money
Kenneth Hare / Peter Sellers
5. I'm So Ashamed
Kenneth Hare
6. Party Political Speech
Max Schreiner
7. Balham: Gateway to the South
Ron Goodwin / Frank Muir / Denis Norden
8. Suddenly It's Folk Song
Graham Fisher / Peter Sellers