2. ROSETTA (Not OST)


Price(USD): $19.50

CD No: 570-0631
Release Date: 2016/10/07
Format: 1CD

2016 release from the iconic Greek musician and composer. Vangelis' name and unique sound are synonymous with some of the most iconic films of the past 35 years. Over his 50-year career he's achieved countless multi-platinum album sales and No.1s. This album is devoted to music inspired by his long-held passion for space, as well as marking 50 years since he first signed to Decca. Vangelis was inspired by the Rosetta Mission, an extraordinary and ground-breaking project by the European Space Agency [ESA] to land a probe on a comet for the first time in history, and he has composed this suite of inter-connected music especially for ESA. The album release marks the culmination of the 12-year mission in September 2016 and accompanies some incredible footage captured by the probe.

Track List

1. Origins (Arrival)
2. Starstuff
3. Infinitude
4. Exo Genesis
5. Celestial Whispers
6. Albedo 0.06
7. Sunlight
8. Rosetta
9. Philae's Descent
10. Mission Accomplie (Rosetta's Waltz)
11. Perihelion
12. Elegy
13. Return to the Void