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Release Date: 2023/09/29
Format: 1CD

The film She Came to Me is a delightful romantic comedy directed by Rebecca Miller (daughter of Arthur Miller), starring amongst others Anne Hathaway, Marisa Tomei and Peter Dinklage. It tells the story of composer Steven Lauddem (Peter Dinklage), who is creatively blocked and unable to finish the score for his highly anticipated comeback opera. At the behest of his wife Patricia (Anne Hathaway), formerly his therapist, he sets out in search of inspiration. What he discovers is much more than he bargained for or ever imagined. A score by Bryce Dessner featuring one song written and performed by Bruce Springsteen ("Addicted to Romance"). The original soundtrack features pianist Katia Labeque. The film opened this years' Berlin International Film Festival and is set for release in fall 2023. Bryce Dessner is a vital force in new music, has won Grammy Awards as a classical composer and with the internationally popular indie-rock band The National (currently over 6M monthly listeners on Spotify), of which he is founding member, guitarist, arranger, and co-principal songwriter. He is regularly commissioned to write for the world's leading ensembles, from Orchestre de Paris to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and is a high-pro?le presence in ?lm score composition, with credits including The Revenant, for which he was Grammy and Golden Globe nominated, Fernando Mereilles's The Two Popes, Mike Mill's C'mon C'mon and the forthcoming Bardo, by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Dessner's orchestrations can be heard on the latest albums of Paul Simon, Bon Iver and Taylor Swift. He contributed with one track Song for Octave on Chamayou's Goodnight album, which did more than 13.8 M streams worldwide

Track List

1 Hero
2 Patricia's Rendezvous
3 Alien Opera (Hurry, Hurry)
4 Tugboat Opera (She Came to Me)
5 Patricia at the Convent
6 Trey's Plans
7 Julian and Tereza
8 I Love Cleaning
9 Falling (Night on the Tug)
10 Breakthrough
11 Falling (Tension)
12 Grew Up on This Tug
13 Stoking the Fire
14 Trey's Demands
15 Rising Strings (We Just Have to Keep Reminding Each Other)
16 Get Lost Steven
17 Panic Mirror
18 Escape
19 I Love Cleaning (Solo Piano)
20 Falling (Pizzicato)
21 Addicted to Romance