2. ISLES OF WONDER: Music For The Opening Ceremony Of The London 2012 Olympic Games

ISLES OF WONDER: Music For The Opening Ceremony Of The London 2012 Olympic Games

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CD No: 533-9672
Release Date: 2012/08/12
Format: 1CD

'Isles Of Wonder'' is a stellar collection of music featured in the stunning Danny Boyle-directed opening ceremony of the London Olympics. The songs chosen cut through a wide spectrum of British music with some previously released material (Pet Shop Boys' ''West End Girls'', Dizzee rascal's ''Bonkers'', Emile Sande's ''Heaven'', Arctic Monkeys' ''I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor'' - to mention a few), alongside choral pieces (''Jerusalem / Flower Of Scotland / Danny Boy / Bread Of heaven'' by Four Nations Choirs), theatrical instrumentals (''Nimrod'' by LSO On Track, ''And I Will Kiss'' by Underworld, of course ''Chariots Of Fire'' by The London Philharmonic Orchestra, ''Tubular Bells / In Dulci Jubilo'' by Mike Oldfield - the latter a multi-part piece incorporating Pop, Jazz, and Electronica), Bollywood Pop (''Nimma Nimma Nimma'' by A.R. Rahman), Hip Hop (''Traktor'' by wretch 32), Dance music (the Underworld and Chemical Brothers songs), and classic Rock (Heroes'' by David Bowie, and ''I Still Believe'' by Frank Turner).

The songs are well chosen and each sparkles on its own. Emile Sande's lovely Drum & Bass ''Heaven'' is featured as is her haunting take on the hymn ''Abide With Me'', the latter performed after a video montage paid tribute to spectators' deceased loved ones, among them Danny Boyle's late father. Arctic Monkeys cover The Beatles ''Come Together''. Underworld wrote the chiming Folky ''Caliban's Dream'' specially for the event, performed as young athletes carried the Olympic Flame around the stadium. ''Reach'' by High Contrast sounds like an instrumental of Madonna's ''Celebration'', and is followed by ''Ghost Dance'', another catchy Dance instrumental. They perform 5 songs in total.

Track List

Disc 1:
? 1. I Still Believe / Frank Turner
? 2. Jerusalem / Flower Of Scotland / Danny Boy / Bread Of Heaven / Four Nations Choirs
? 3. Nimrod / LSO On Track
? 4. And I Will Kiss / Underworld
? 5. Tubular Bells / In Dulci Jubilo / Mike Oldfield
? 6. Chariots Of Fire / London Symphony Orchestra
? 7. Sundowner / Blanck Mass
? 8. Bonkers / Dizzee Rascal
? 9. Nimma Nimma / A.R. Rahman
10. Heaven / Emeli Sande
11. Abide With Me / Emeli Sande
12. I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor / Arctic Monkeys
13. Come Together / Arctic Monkeys
14. Caliban's Dream / Underworld

Disc 2:
? 1. Galvanize (Start) / The Chemical Brothers
? 2. Moon Watcher / High Contrast
? 3. Always Loved A Film / Underworld
? 4. Dark And Long (Dark Train) / Underworld
? 5. West End Girls / Pet Shop Boys
? 6. Minneapolis / Underworld
? 7. Reach / High Contrast
? 8. Ghost Dance / High Contrast
? 9. Confusion The Waitress / Underworld
10. Traktor / Wretch 32
11. Olympians / F Buttons
12. Can't Stop This Fire / High Contrast
13. Moon In Water / Underworld
14. Crocodile / Underworld
15. Where The Streets Have No Name / U2
16. For Years / High Contrast
17. Dirty Epic / Underworld
18. The Long Way Home / High Contrast
19. Dark And Long (Darren Price And High Contrast Remix) / Underworld
20. Rez / Underworld
21. Heroes / David Bowie
22. Galvanize (End) / The Chemical Brothers