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OUT OF PRINT CD. Thomas Newman composed and conducted this original soundtrack to Revolutionary Road, the film based on the classic novel by Richard Yates. Revolutionary Road is a compelling tale of a beautiful young couple's unraveling relationship, set in angst-ridden, mid-fifties, Connecticut suburbia. The film stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, reunited on the screen for the first time since Titanic. They are joined by fellow Titanic star Kathy Bates in a key supporting role. Thomas Newman is an eight-time Oscar nominee, as well as an Emmy and Grammy Award winner for his work on Six Feet Under and American Beauty, respectively.

Track List

1. Route 12 2:23
2. Picture Window 1:17
3. The Bright Young Man 3:31
4. Hopeless Emptiness 1:27
5. Unrealistic 2:49
6. Count Every Star ? Performed by The Ravens 2:53
7. Simple Clean Lines 1:32
8. Speaking of Production Control 1:06
9. Golden People 2:08
10. Night Woods 4:53
11. Crying in the Chapel ? Performed by The Orioles 3:02
12. April 9:34
13. A Bit Whimsical 1:32
14. Revolutionary Road (End Title) 4:54
15. The Gypsy ? Performed by The Ink Spots 2:46