2. MAESTRO: Music by Leonard Bernstein (2LP)

MAESTRO: Music by Leonard Bernstein (2LP)

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Label: Deutsche Grammophon
CD No: 486-5467
Release Date: 2023/12/01
Format: 2LP

OST of the biopic depicting the life of legendary conductor and composer Bernstein and his love story with his wife
Yannick Nezet-Seguin - Original Soundtrack for the Netflix film "Maestro"

Deutsche Grammophon will release the original soundtrack of one of the most anticipated films of the year, "Maestro," a biopic of the legendary American conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein. The film will be available on Netflix (and in some theaters). Hollywood superstar Bradley Cooper directs and stars as Bernstein. Carey Mulligan plays the role of Felicia Montealegre Bernstein, the actress and wife Bernstein spent nearly 30 years with until her death. The film is a passionate love story in which Bernstein reflects on his life with his wife. The film "Maestro" has received glowing reviews and critical acclaim at various film festivals and is a strong contender for the upcoming awards season. The film is performed by Deutsche Grammophon's resident artist conductor Yannick Nezet-Seguin and the London Symphony Orchestra. 2 Vinyl LP.
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Track List

1. Symphonic Suite From On The Waterfront / Manfred, Op. 115 Overture / Fancy Free Var. 1 (Galop)
2. Lonely Town. Pas De Deux [On The Town]
3. On The Town I Get Carried Away / You've Got That Look (That Leaves Me Weak)
4. Interlude [Trouble In Tahiti]
5. Paris Waltz [Candide]
6. Facsimile Molto Adagio
7. Fancy Free Enter Three Sailors / Fancy Free Var. 3 (Danzon) / On The Town New York, New York
8. Anniversaries For Orchestra X. For Felicia Montealegre / Interview (Dialogue) / Songfest To Wha
9. Adagietto
10. Make Our Garden Grow [Candide]
11. Prologue [West Side Story]
12. Xvii. Pax Communion [Mass]
13. Sir Beelzebub [Facade]
14. V. Finale. In Tempo Des Scherzos [Symphony No. 2 In C Minor "resurrection"]
15. A. The Prologue [Symphony No. 2 "the Age Of Anxiety", Pt. 1]
16. The Clapping Song (Clap Pat Clap Slap)
17. Postlude [A Quiet Place]
18. Symphony No. 8 In F Major, Op. 93
19. Psalm 23 [Chichester Psalms]
20. Overture [Candide]
21. Ii. Din-Torah [Symphony No. 3 "kaddish"]