2. NEW FOUR SEASONS - Vivaldi Recomposed (Vinyl)

NEW FOUR SEASONS - Vivaldi Recomposed (Vinyl)

Price(USD): $28.80

Label: Deutsche Grammophon
CD No: 486-2468
Release Date: 2022/06/10
Format: 1LP

10 Years after Recomposed, acclaimed composer Max Richter returns with The New Four Seasons, set to be released 10 June 2022. Recorded with violinist Elena Urioste and the musicians of Chineke! Orchestra, The New Four Seasons sees Richter create a new version of his Recomposed score for period instruments - using gut strings and vintage synthesisers to create a “grittier, more punk rock sound”.
“Vivaldi’s palette applied to the new score was extraordinary - it was like fireworks” - Max Richter. Vinyl LP.

Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 4 discs

Track List

(1)Spring 0
(2)Spring 1
(3)Spring 2
(4)Spring 3
(5)Summer 1
(6)Summer 2
(7)Summer 3
(8)Autumn 1
(9)Autumn 2
(10)Autumn 3
(11)Winter 1
(12)Winter 2
(13)Winter 3