2. ONE WORLD/ Karl Jenkins

ONE WORLD/ Karl Jenkins

Price(USD): $24.80

Label: DECCA
CD No: 483-9748
Release Date: 2023/07/07
Format: 1CD

New record on UK Charts, latest work for a peaceful world by the King's coronation composer.

Track List

1) In The Beginning、2) Let’s Go (The Tower of Babel)、3) Unus Mundus (One World)、4) Ad Lumen (Towards Light)、5) Ad Pacem (Towards Peace)、6) Yet, Here I am、7) Tikkun Olam (Repair The World)、8) Savitur、9) Paradise Lost?、10) Truth、11) Hidden Faces、12) Bury Me In A Free Land、13) Sakura, Spring Has Come、14) The Golden Age Begins Anew、15) Tikkun Olam (Repair The World)-instrumental、16) Truth-instrumental