2. LAST AND FIRST MEN (2LP+Blu-ray)


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Label: Deutsche Grammophon
CD No: 483-7415
Release Date: 2020/03/27
Format: 2LP+BD

3 Units (2 Vinyls + Bluray). Liftoff lid box, matt, 4p booklet, 3 artprintsInspired by the cult scifi novel by Olaf Stapledon of the same name, J¢hann J¢hannsson paired images of a decaying futuristic landscape - filmed in 16mm black and white in the former Yugoslav republics - with his haunting orchestral score to form Last and First Men, a meditation on memory and loss. Featuring narration by Tilda Swinton and musical performances by Hildur Gudnad¢ttir.

Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 9 discs

Release Date: 2020/3/27

Track List

DISC 1. [Vinyl].
1. Prelude
2. A Minor Astronomical Event
3. A Move To Neptune
4. Physical Description Of The Last Human Beings
5. Architecture
6. Supreme Monuments
7. Telepathic Unity
8. Childhood/Land Of The Young
9. The Navigators

2. [Vinyl].
1. The Sun
2. A New Doom
3. Task No.1: The Scattering Of Seeds
4. Task No.2: Communicating With The Past
5. The Last Office Of Humanity
6. Slow Destruction Of Neptune
7. The Few That Prevail
8. The Last Men
9. Remembrance Of The Past
10. The Universal End
11. Epilogue

Disc 3: [Blu-ray Disc] Music Video
1. Prelude
2. Introduction
3. A Minor Astronomical Event
4. A Move To Neptune
5. Physical Description Of The Last Human Beings
6. Architecture
7. Childhood/Land Of The Young
8. Telepathic Unity
9. The Navigators
10. A New Doom
11. Two Tasks
12. No.1: The Scattering Of Seeds
13. No.2: Communicating With The Past
14. Slow Destruction Of Neptune
15. The Universal End
16. Credits