2. McMAFIA


Price(USD): $19.80

CD No: 4816764
Release Date: 2018/03/02
Format: 1CD

Original Soundtrack from the clay animation EARLY MAN.
Release Date: 2018/3/2

Track List

1. He’s home
2. By deception, we will do war
3. McMafia a Main Title Theme
4. I’m a banker not a gangster
5. I’m here for you
6. Get away from the door
7. I’m sorry I have been away
8. What does it take to corrupt you?
9. This is what you have to do
10. Don’t forget, my love
11. This is how it works I’m afraid
12. I don’t scare easily
13. You are a lucky man
14. Without you I have nothing to live for
15. It’s a gesture of good will
16. In this world you are an innocent
17. We’re on
18. We’re in
19. Is that how you talk to an intruder?
20. Who’s God now?