2. A GOOD PERSON (Vinyl)


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Label: Mercury Classics Soundtrack & Score
CD No: 457-7328
Release Date: 2023/04/25
Format: 1LP

The original score for the film A Good Person by Bryce Dessner (the Grammy-winning composer and founding member of The National) compliments the film's emotional complexity, guiding the listener through the story with mournful orchestrations, dream-like piano melodies and ambient soundscapes. Dessner's film composition credits include The Revenant, for which he was Grammy and Golden Globe-nominated, Fernando Mereilles' The Two Popes, Mike Mill's C'mon C'mon, Alejandro Gonz lez I? rritu's Bardo.
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Track List

[Side A]
1) Opening
2) Daniel Gets The News
3) Allie Finds Out
4) Allie Rides
5) Refill Attempt
6) Bathroom Blackout
7) A Friendly Lunch
8) I'm A Junkie
9) Daniel and The Bottle
10) Daniel and Nathan

[Side B]
1) I'm On Your Side
2) Trying To Sleep
3) Nathan's New Life
4) Mouthful of Pills
5) She's In Williamsburg
6) Pawn Shop
7) Daniel's Letter
8) A Good Person Main Theme