2. ENNIO (Blu-ray/ Region B)

ENNIO (Blu-ray/ Region B)

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Release Date: 2022/05/20
Format: 1CD

Ennio is the full-fledged portrait of Ennio Morricone, the most popular and prolific musician of the twentieth century, the most loved by the international audience, two-time Academy AwardR winner, author of over 500 unforgettable soundtracks.
The documentary tells it through a long interview by Tornatore with the Maestro, testimonies of artists and directors - such as Bertolucci, Montaldo, Bellocchio, Argento, i Taviani, Verdone, Barry Levinson, Roland Joffe, Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino, Bruce Springsteen, Nicola Piovani , Hans Zimmer and Pat Metheny - music and archival images. Ennio is also an investigation aimed at revealing what little is known about Morricone. Like his passion for chess, which perhaps has mysterious ties to his music. But also the realistic origin of some of his musical intuitions as happens for the scream of the coyote that suggests the theme of The good, the ugly, the bad, or the rhythmic clapping of the hands on some tin cans by the strikers at the head of a protest march through the streets of Rome that inspires him the beautiful theme of Sosenga Pereira. An aptitude for invention that finds confirmation in his constant love for absolute music, and his vocation for persistent experimentation.

Blu-Ray (region B)

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