2. HARU KUREBA 2020/ Daisuke Ban & Kinzoku-Yebis

HARU KUREBA 2020/ Daisuke Ban & Kinzoku-Yebis

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CD No: 3SCD-0069
Release Date: 2022/10/14
Format: 1CD

Chumei Watanabe composed "Haru Kureba" (insert song for "Kikaida: Android of Justice") for Daisuke Ban, and Daisuke Ban sang and recorded it for the first time in about half a century! The arrangement is faithful to the original, and with the addition of a robust sound by progressive rock band Kinzoku-Yebis, the song has reached a new level appropriate for the 50th anniversary. The well-known theme song "Go Go Kikaida" and "Main Title" are also included. The dynamic, sharp performance and Daisuke Ban's deep voice resonate powerfully on this album as well. In "Go Go Kikaida," the children of the 2025 era, who will lead the next generation, are also happy to hear the Showa-respected shouts of "Gogo Gogo!" by the children of Reiwa era, the next generation.

Of special note are two new works, "Haru wa kuru" and "Yomigaerare phoenix!" were recorded. Chumei Watanabe proposed the arrangement "as a celebration of Mr. Ban's 50th anniversary". The original song was background music for Daisuke Ban's one-man show in 2006, and it is a masterpiece with a bluesy guitar sound. With the unique arrangement by Kinzoku-Yebis, who pays respect to the culture of the 70's, this song was completed as a masterpiece that approaches the sounds of yesteryear, such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Yes, and Genesis. The familiar sounds of vintage instruments such as the mellotron, Hammond organ, and mini-mog are also pleasant to listen to.
"Haru wa kuru" has the meaning of an answer song to "Haru kureba," but is fantastically expressed with Daisuke Ban's voice, which echoes softly, and with the addition of his characteristic radio voice and mellotron chorus.
"Yomigaere Fushicho! (Revive the Phoenix!)" is a big song, nearly six minutes long.
The lyrics depicting a righteous hero who tries to stand up again and again with a righteous heart are haunting, and the blues-rock based, yet hard and heavy sound is developed to match the lyrics. The overwhelming presence of Masuhiro Goto on drums, the ironclad rhythm of Hidetaka Kuritani on bass, the bluesy guitar solo by Daichi Takagi, and the raging keyboard sounds by Kenichi Miyajima, along with Daisuke Ban's terrific singing, make it impossible to listen to the song without tears.
The fusion of the sound of Chumei and progressive rock is beyond the level of a special 50th anniversary album, not to mention the singing voice of Daisuke Ban, the lead actor of "Kikaida: Android of Justice". We hope you will listen to it.

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