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CD No: 3SCD-0042
Release Date: 2019/03/20
Format: 1CD

World premiere release of the complete original soundtrack from the Erotic, Buddism and the New Wave film directed by Akio Jissoji in 1971. Music composed by Toru Fuyuki (ULTRA SEVEN).

A savage work that explores human sexuality and its articulations with political stances and religion: Two couples of university students swap their partners, one, Yukiko and Shinichi experienced and one, Hirochi and Yasuko unmarried and first time in an isolated motel. Later, at the seaside one of them is attacked by two maniacs, who leave the husband unconscious and rape the woman. After the event that was supposed to be traumatic, the attacked couple find themselves interested in the two aggressors and the gratuitousness of their act, and goes to look for them in the surroundings of the motel. They discover that they are part of a sect that has sexual freedom and self-support as slogans. At first reluctant, but soon giving way, the couple end up joining the secret sect and isolate themselves from the world, but things get complicated when the other couple decides to look for them.
Director: Akio Jissoji, Stars: Koji Shimizu, Akiko Mori, Ryo Tamura. 1971 JAPAN

Release Date: 2019.3.20

Track List

47 tracks