2. THE BOY


Price(USD): $16.80

Label: MILAN
CD No: 36744-2
Release Date: 2015/09/11
Format: 1CD

The Boy is a dark, horrific psychological tale directed and written by Craig Macneill. It tells the story of a father and his young son - Ted - who operate a floundering family business - The Mt. Vista Motel. It’s just the two of them since Ted’s mother ran off with a guest years earlier. The film is a slow burn, dissecting the creepy and gradual criminal and murderous tendencies growing up within Ted. Slowly his fascination with death awakens. German modern pianist and composer Hauschka wrote a terrifying and sinister score enhancing the deadly atmosphere of the film.

Release date of September 11th.

Track List

1. Chicken Highway - (with Hauschka)
2. Missing Photo - (with Hauschka)
3. Roadkill - (with Hauschka)
4. William Crying - (with Hauschka)
5. Dead Birds - (with Hauschka)
6. Leaving the Junkyard - (with Hauschka)
7. Firefly and Tunnel - (with Hauschka)
8. Ted Enters Ben's Room - (with Hauschka)
9. Chicken Kill - (with Hauschka)
10. Landscapes - (with Hauschka)
11. Ted in the Hills - (with Hauschka)
12. Fire - (with Hauschka)
13. Post Fire - (with Hauschka)