2. 9/30/55


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CD No: 302-069-213
Release Date: 2018/10/05
Format: 1CD

At long last Jerry Goldsmith’s final musical journey into the Star Trek universe gets the vinyl treatment. Now available in a deluxe 2 LP gatefold jacket is the full & thrilling score to Star Trek: Nemesis on green thalaron colored vinyl. Also included are detailed liner notes by Star Trek historian, Jeff Bond. Get this exclusively on our website before Shinzon does.
Limited edition of 750 copies --- from the label.

Release Date: The week of 2018/10/1

Track List

1. Newscast, September 30, 1955 (:40)
2. Main Title - Theme From “9-30-55” (East Of Eden) Narration by Richard Thomas (2:23)
3. On The Way To Criss Cross Meadow
A. Stolen Liquor And State Police
B. In The Jailhouse Now - Sung by Webb Piercer (Jimmie Rodgers)
C. Prayer By The River (3:38)
4. Hasty Retreat From Criss Cross Meadow (2:12)
5. James Dean And Eden Revisited (9:43)
6. Theme From “9-30-55” (East Of Eden) (3:21)
7. The Ghoulish Syndrome
A. Assault On The Cemetery
B. Making Believe - Sung by Kitty Wells (Jimmy Work)
C. Tragedy Befalls Billie Jean (2:24)
8. Life Imitates Art
A. Jimmy J. Visits Billie Jean / Narration by Richard Thomas
B. Billie Jean’s Disenchantment
C. Jimmy J. Smashes The Mirrors (9:21)
9. A New Rebel In Search Of A Cause (End Title: “Rebel Without A Cause”) (3:17)