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CD No: 302-067-381
Release Date: 2016/06/24
Format: 1CD

The soundtrack features the score from the early seasons of the hit Showtime series Ray Donovan, composed by Marcelo Zarvos. It also includes music featured in the series: “Down In the Willow Garden” by The Chieftains featuring Bon Iver, “It's About Time” by Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics, “No Sympathy” by Flash Lightnin, and “Banshe” by Kendra Morris.

Track List

1 Prelude
2 Phone Calls
3 Don't Let The Wolf In The Gate
4 Down In the Willow Garden (Performed by The Chieftains featuring Bon Iver)
5 Two Birds
6 Abby And Ray
7 Trouble at The Academy
8 Banshee (Performed by Kendra Morris)
9 Unexpected Visitor
10 Ray's Nightmare
11 About Marvin
12 Bloody Mirror
13 It's About Time Performed by (Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics)
14 Case Shut Down
15 Phone Message
16 Eddie Fingers Mick
17 We are Fine
18 Van Miller
19 Ray Warns Mickey
20 Snooping
21 Shootout At The Docks
22 No Sympathy (Performed by Flash Lightnin)
23 You Treat Me Like A Kid
24 Terry Watches Francis
25 Stalker
26 The Bag Or The Bat
27 Bridget
28 Previously on Ray Donovan
29 Finale