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CD No: 302-067-263
Release Date: 2014/04/22
Format: 1CD

The score for Oculus is a hybrid of organic and electronic instrumentation. The Newton Brothers spent a good month making custom sounds out of broken glass, metal scrapes, detuned instruments, and synthesizers in combination with choir, and a 50 piece string section to support. The music has a constant pulse to it to represent the mysterious mirror, and to help make the listener feel that it’s alive. It’s the mirror's theme… They also recorded a variety of solo woodwinds severely treated to subtly compliment the strings and aid in emphasizing the strength, love and loss of a family. Their ultimate goal was to simply support the incredible emotional transformation within the story as well as the psychological twists, which drive you through the film.

Release date of April 22nd.

Track List

1 Recurring Dream
2 The Auction
3 Moving IN
4 You Promised Me
5 Juice Box
6 Kaylie's Nightmare
7 Graphic Photos
8 The Mirror
9 Grotesque Cow 1
10 The Other Woman
11 Memories Surface
12 Dead Plants
13 We have a Gun to It's Head
14 History Of the Mirror
15 Fuzzy-Trace Theory
16 Mason Was Sick
17 Fingernails
18 Book Stacking
19 Whispers in the Glass
20 Who are you talking to?
21 The Reveal
22 Marisol, Marisol, Marisol
23 Shifting Glass
24 Marie's Breakdown
25 Lightbulbs & Apples
26 Seeing Things
27 Broken Plates
28 She Needs A Doctor
29 This Isn't Real
30 Staring Eyes
31 It Won't Let us
32 I've Seen The Devil and He is ME
33 A Mother's Embrace
34 Oculus

Bonus Tracks:
35 Oculus Remix - The Newton Brothers and Paul Oakenfold (Remixed by Paul Oakenfold)
36 Oculus of Glass - The Newton Brothers and Paul Oakenfold, Featuring Greta (Remixed By Paul Oakenfold, The Newton Brothers)