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CD No: 302-067-076
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Format: 1CD

In a modern, 3D family comedy take on the classic tale, Jack Black (star of Kung Fu Panda and School Of Rock) is Lemuel Gulliver, a lowly mailroom clerk at a New York newspaper. After Gulliver bluffs his way into an assignment writing about the Bermuda Triangle, he goes there only to be transported to an undiscovered land, Lilliput. In this fantastical new world, Gulliver is, at last, a bigger-than-life figure ? in size and ego ? especially after he starts telling tall tales, taking credit for his world’s greatest inventions, and placing himself at the center of its most historic events. Gulliver’s position is enhanced even further when he leads his new friends in a daring battle against their longtime enemies. But when Gulliver loses it all and puts the Lilliputians in peril, he must find a way to undo the damage. Ultimately, Gulliver becomes a true giant among men only when he learns that it’s how big you are on the inside that counts.

Composer Henry Jackman offers his own contemporary take on the classic tale.

Track List

1. A Day In The Life Of Lemuel Gulliver (2:23)
2. Blatant Plagiarism (1:16)
3. The Bermuda Triangle (2:41)
4. Behold The Beast (3:01)
5. Involuntary Servitude (1:46)
6. Nobody Save The Princess! (3:38)
7. Delusions Of Grandeur (2:31)
8. Dreaming Of A Princess (1:42)
9. I Have Come To Court You (1:32)
10. Forlorn (3:29)
11. The Blefuscian Armada (4:10)
12. How To Woo A Princess (1:19)
13. Edwardian Hissy-Fit (2:17)
14. Persona Non Grata (3:42)
15. The Island Where We Dare Not Go (3:10)
16. Take Off That Dress, And Let’s Get Outta Here (2:40)
17. Ein Roboterleben (7:05)
18. Farewell To Lilliput (:57)