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CD No: 302-066-889
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Format: 1CD

Anything can happen on NIM’S ISLAND, a magical place ruled by a young girl's imagination. On this lush tropical isle, free-spirited NIM (Abigail Breslin) spends her days helping her scientist father with his marine research and playing with her wild animal friends. But Nim’s biggest passion of all is reading books ? especially those about her favorite hero, ALEX ROVER (Gerard Butler), the world's greatest adventurer, who leads the sort of endlessly exciting, fearless life to which Nim aspires.

When Nim's father goes missing from the island, leaving her all alone, a twist of fate brings her together, via computer, with the author of the Alex Rover novels. Much to Nim’s surprise, Alex turns out to be ALEXANDRA (Jodie Foster), a reclusive woman living in the big city who hasn't so much as left her house in years! Now, as a huge storm brews in the ocean and Nim discovers her father is headed for disaster, she reaches out to Alexandra for rescue. Together, they will have to draw on the courage of fictional Alex Rover to carry out a very real adventure ? one that will give both Nim and Alexandra each a chance to become the person she always wanted to be as they endeavor to conquer NIM’S ISLAND.

Track List

1. Nim’s Island (3:57)
2. Baby Turtles (2:44)
3. Galileo Helps Jack (4:11)
4. Volcano & Door (3:28)
5. Buccaneer Ship (2:46)
6. Become The Hero (5:43)
7. The Great Outdoors (1:48)
8. Airport, Whale (3:09)
9. Lizard Attack (3:45)
10. Volcano Erupts (5:10)
11. Helicopter Storm (1:42)
12. Woman Overboard (3:42)
13. Alex Nearly Drowns (2:43)
14. Alex Swims Away (3:17)
15. It’s Empty (2:28)
16. Nim Sees Jack (2:22)