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Format: 1CD

Despite being cliched and religiously formulaic, composer Brian Tyler has constructed an appropriately menacing score for the latest DC Comics film adaptation, Constantine. Based on the popular Hellblazer series, it follows a chain-smoking occultist and a skeptical police officer through the streets of Los Angeles in search of clues to a murder. Instead, they find a whole lot of demons and the Gates of Hell, resulting in a lot of spooky choirs, dissonant strings, thunderous percussion, and the obligatory drum'n'bass/electro piece at the end. Tyler does little to branch out from the trappings of the traditional modern thriller soundtrack, but it's serviceable enough that it never interrupts the flow of the film; rather, it barely registers, which depending on your opinion of how a score should interact with its respective piece of celluloid is either a good thing or a bad thing.

Track List

1. Destiny (2:03)
2. The Cross Over (2:42)
3. Meet John Constantine (2:39)
4. Confession (2:31)
5. Deo Et Patri (1:17)
6. Counterweight (2:48)
7. Into the Light (2:53)
8. I Left Her Alone (1:41)
9. Resurrection (2:05)
10. Circle of Hell (5:36)
11. Last Rites (1:56)
12. Encountering a Twin (1:05)
13. Flight to Ravenscar (:53)
14. Humanity (2:58)
15. John (1:31)
16. Someone Was Here (1:46)
17. Hell Freeway (2:43)
18. Ether Surfing (1:14)
19. The Balance (2:27)
20. Absentee Landlords (1:35)
21. John’s Solitude (1:26)
22. Lucifer (1:56)
23. Rooftop (1:20)
24. Constantine End Titles (2:39)