2. LIST, The


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Label: PROMO
CD No: 2999-0
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Format: 1CD

A Southern thriller musical score from the dramatic hit film.
James Covell is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in Music Composition. His musical scores have been heard on every major television network as well as world wide on such shows as American Detective,
Headliners & Legends, and U.S. Marshals. His music for McGee and Me is heard in over 51 different countries every day.

A few of his feature film credits include The Elevator, starring Martin Landau, Santa With Muscles (Hulk Hogan gets amnesia and thinks he’s Santa Clause (a very high concept!!!!), and The Ride. He composed the score and conducted the London Symphony Orchestra for the feature film Left Behind.

He has several commissioned orchestral works which have been performed by symphonic orchestras around the country.

His non-musical passions are Mrs. Fields cookies, his girlfriend Karen (who he’s been married to for 23 years) and his two wonder boys Christopher and Cameron. Composer produced CD.

Track List

1 Main Titles: Agnus Dei
2 Walk On the Beach
3 Thomas Layne Conspiracy
4 Southern Memories
5 Join the List
6 Renny Breaks In
7 The Angel Appears
8 Gravestones Speak
9 LaRochette Schemes
10 Renny Takes A Hit
11 News From The Grave
12 Prayers of the Saints
13 Voices From the Past
14 The Resolution
15 End Titles