2. Bernard Herrmann: WHITMAN (Classic)

Bernard Herrmann: WHITMAN (Classic)

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Label: NAXOS
CD No: 2323168X
Release Date: 2020/10/09
Format: 1CD

Bernard Herrmann was famous for his film scores, but he was also a leading figure in music for radio, to which he brought his inimitable palette of mood and sonority. Whitman, whose subject is Walt Whitman’s collection of poems Leaves of Grass, was a 1944 radio drama, a genre now much neglected but revived in this newly restored version. Psycho: A Narrative for String Orchestra is not a suite or excerpts from the film but a concert work, re-ordered and re-composed, while Souvenirs de voyage is one of the most polished and seductive of all American chamber works.

Track List

Whitman, Walt, lyricist(s)
Husted, Christopher, arranger(s)
Whitman (reconstructed by C. Husted, 2019)
1. Introduction: I, Walt Whitman, heard that you asked for something to prove this puzzle the New World (Whitman) 00:00:45
2. Welcome: You! Whoever you are! (Whitman) 00:01:27
3. Perpetual Journey: I tramp a perpetual journey (Whitman) 00:04:10
4. Listen: Listen: when the psalm sings instead of the singer (Whitman, Stranger, Cynic) 00:02:07
5. Cosmos: A cosmos, of Manhattan, the son! (Whitman, Stranger) 00:01:15
6. Song: A simple separate person (Whitman, Cynic) 00:02:19
7. Oath: I celebrate myself, and sing myself (Whitman, Child) 00:03:05
8. Miracles: I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey - work of the stars (Whitman, Child) 00:02:05
9. Battle: Of life immense in passion, pulse and power, I sing (Whitman) 00:01:22
10. War: I will acknowledge contemporary lands (Whitman, Radio Voice) 00:06:08
11. Ships: Flaunt out, O sea, your separate flags of nations! (Whitman) 00:02:08
12. Divinity: Listener out there! (Whitman) 00:01:40
13. Finale: I see not America only (Whitman) 00:02:26

Souvenirs de voyage
14. I. Lento: Molto tranquillo 00:09:57
15. II. Berceuse: Andante 00:06:56
16. III. Andantino: Canto amoroso 00:07:33

Mauceri, John, arranger(s)

Psycho: A Narrative for String Orchestra (reconstructed by J. Mauceri for string orchestra)
17. Psycho: A Narrative for String Orchestra (reconstructed by J. Mauceri for string orchestra) 00:15:49

Total Playing Time: 01:11:12