2. GHOSTBUSTERS II (Score) (Vinyl)


Price(USD): $29.90

CD No: 194398370118
Release Date: 2021/10/15
Format: 1CD

For the first time ever - 32 years after the film's 1989 release - the Original Score to Ghostbusters II by Randy Edelman will be available across digital and physical formats from Sony Classical. The album includes original tracks as well as 3 newly re-recorded tracks and an additional track originally recorded for Ghostbusters II but not featured in the film. The LP is clear vinyl with pink "slime" splatter coloration.

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Track List

1. A Few Friends Save Manhattan
2. A Baby Carriage Meets Heavy Traffic
3. Venkman's 6th Ave. Strut
4. Order in the Court
5. He's Got Carpathian Eyes
6. The Sensitive Side of Dana
7. In Liberty's Shadow
8. Rooftop Broom Kidnap
9. The Scoleri Brothers
10. Oscar is Quietly Surrounded
11. A Slime Darkened Doorway
12. One Leaky Sewer Faucet
13. Vigo's Last Stand
14. Good With Kids
15. Enlightenment
16. Family Portrait-Finale