2. PROXIMA (Vinyl)


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Label: MILAN
CD No: 194397179316
Release Date: 2020/04/10
Format: 1LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Original soundtrack to the 2019 French drama directed by Alice Winocour. The score was composed by Japanese legend Ryuichi Sakamoto. The film stars Eva Green as Sarah, a woman trying to balance her work as an astronaut preparing for a year-long stint on the International Space Station with her family life as mother to an eight-year-old daughter Stella.
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Track List

1 Launch
2 Stella
3 Exhibition Room
4 Travel
5 Gravitation Test
6 VR
7 Rescue in the Water
8 Training
9 Reunion
10 Looking for Stella
11 Iceskating
12 Unconscious
13 Escape
14 Rocket
15 Embarkment