2. JOYEUX NOEL (Limited Edition)(CD+DVD)

JOYEUX NOEL (Limited Edition)(CD+DVD)

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CD No: 0946-340949-2
Release Date:
Format: 2CD

Christian Carion’s remarkable film is inspired by a true story from the First World War. On Christmas Eve 1914 soldiers from both sides of the front line spontaneously laid down their weapons and crossed no man’s land to exchange small gifts and wish one another Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas tells this moving story through the destinies of four characters: a Scottish minister, a French lieutenant, a German tenor and the woman he loves, a Danish soprano. The original soundtrack, composed and directed by Philippe Rombi, features the voices of Natalie Dessay and Rolando Villazon. Chorale Scala - London Symphony Orchestra. Limited Edition with a bonus DVD

Track List

Ave Maria (4:24)
Overture (4:05)
Fraternizers’ hymn (piano) (1:26)
Anna and Nikolaus (2:06)
War (5:59)
Soldiers’ burial (3:04)
Bist du bei mir (4:20)
Silent night (4:15)
Jonathan’s letter (0:51)
Ponchel’s memories (1:18)
The football match (1:49)
The bishop’s sermon (3:13)
The soldiers’ mail (1:32)
War Adagio (5:07)
The Absence theme (7:11)
Fraternizers’ hymn: ‘I’m dreaming of home’ (4:24)
Adeste fideles (4:15)
Invitations: ‘I’m dreaming of home’ (2:57)
Anna and Nikolaus (2:29)
Aria for violin and orchestra (3:59)
Fraternizers’ hymn (murmurs and vocalises) (4:25)

TT 73:15

Natalie Dessay soprano
Rolando Villazon tenor
Carmine Lauri violin
Chorale Scala
London Symphony Orchestra
Orchestre Symphonique Bel Arte
Philippe Rombi piano & direction