2. David Attenborough: A LIFE ON OUR PLANET (2LP)

David Attenborough: A LIFE ON OUR PLANET (2LP)

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Label: DECCA
CD No: 088-2863
Release Date: 2020/11/20
Format: 2LP

Type: 2LP.

Original Soundtrack from David Attenborough's doctumentary film A LIFE ON OUR PLANET. Music by Steven Price of GRAVITY.

Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 7 discs

Track List

1. Mistakes
2. To Have Adventures
3. Evolution Undone
4. The Wild Is Finite
5. The Whole of Humanity
6. The Process of Extinctions
7. A Shared Conscience
8. Nothing to Stop Us
9. Life's Talent for Change
10. An Unknown World
11. A Devastating Impact
12. A Place Beyond Imagination
13. My Witness Statement
14. I Would Feel Guilty
15. We Must Rewild the World
16. A Greater Opportunity
17. Eternal Energies ofNature
18. Within Our Power
19. More From Less
20. Saving Ourselves
21. With or Without Us
22. Imagining the Future