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CD No: 0021-RRCD
Release Date: 2018/04/20
Format: 2CD

It is remarkable the way melodrama is being reinstated thanks to TV fiction. A discredited genre due to its (many) excesses and primary source of the soap operas, in its many (literary, theatrical, radio, cinematographic or television) variations, it has always played the card of exposing passionate stories, full of emotional conflicts and dramatic turns to keep the attention of its audience. This has unleashed a significant use of music not just on its narrative, but especially regarding the emotional content. And here lies part of the problem, when the excess of emphasizing and underlying, the search for the easy path has lead the genre not to the sentiment, but to sentimentality.

Sergio Moure’s score for “Seis Hermanas” is aware of many things: the fundamental value of music as part of the drama, of the emotional content it has to provide to the image and the story, and how damaging is to provoke an easy emotion in the viewer. On his previous works, Moure had already proved he is very well able with melody, something he has reinforced here. The classical tone of a production such as “Seis Hermanas” requires a more traditional approach, without the postmodern turns we can find in cinema or TV shows with a more transgressive spirit. In the 54 tracks (31 on the first disc, 23 on the second) of this edition, Sergio Moure drives us through a highway of emotions, avoiding excesses, choosing wisely which parts need more emphasis, but, in general, aiming for a healthy austerity. From the beautiful main theme (“Seis Hermanas Cabecera”), the score places the viewer not just in a determined historical period, but in a predefined genre context and the composer is faithful to the predefined canons (although, as well as the main characters, sometimes he allows himself to break the convention). Music stablishes a connection with the six main characters and makes us part of their emotions, dreams, worries, love stories and also their concerns.

Performed by the Gaos Orchestra, conducted by Fernando L. Briones, and recorded in Mans Studios, one of the biggest challenges was to create music for a daily TV show (496 episodes), with a wide cast, parallel plots, recording with the orchestra, and keeping a thematic coherence and the musical and emotional development of the whole production. Since the beginning, the music empathizes with the main characters and becomes one of their main supporters. Although we can find several dark parts regarding the different threats to the Silva Family (‘La Muerte de Don Fernando’, ‘Y Ahora Que’, ‘Oscuras Intenciones’, ‘Las Jugadas del Tio Ricardo’, ‘Todo se Tuerce’, ‘A la Carcel’), the main tone of the score regards beauty, happiness and optimism (‘Volver a Comenzar’, ‘La Senora Loygorri’, ‘Vals de las Hermanas’, ‘Un Nuevo Impulso’, ‘Nuevo Renacer para Tejidos Silva’, ‘Elisa se Desenvuelve’, ‘Vamos con Esto Adelante’), as well as nostalgia and intimacy (‘Las Pequenas Cosas’, ‘Recuerdos’, ‘Al Fin Juntos’, ‘Comienza la Jornada’, ‘Lo Hemos Hecho Todo Nosotras’). Strings and winds give color and versatility; however, when we come to the emotional tone, the highlight is the piano, protagonist of the whole score and one of the structuring elements of the music.

Sergio Moure’s music has been one of the key elements in the success of “Seis Hermanas” and, especially, regarding the emotional connection of the viewers with the characters. It is a rich, varied, highly stylized score, which, without losing sight on the emotional weight of the show, avoids wisely succumbing to sentimentality and excess. It is a honest, deeply-felt work that is wonderfully transmitted to the audience. For this reason, it has been a reclaimed element since the premiere of the show and thereby the necessity of this edition. Press the play button and let yourself be carried away. --- from the label

Release Date: 2018/4/20.

Track List

CD 1
01. Seis Hermanas 1:04
02. En el Casino 1:15
03. Dia a dia 0:56
04. Las pequenas cosas 2:36
05. Ricardo Silva 1:32
06. La muerte de Don Fernando 1:36
07. Entierro 2:26
08. Elisa 1:24
09. Recuerdos 2:04
10. Estrategia 1:01
11. Blanca y Cristobal 0:31
12. Volver a comenzar 2:28
13. El te queria mucho 1:01
14. Y ahora que? 2:07
15. La Senora Loygorri 1:05
16. Nos bastamos nosotras 1:04
17. Vamos a la Fabrica 0:51
18. Vals de las seis hermanas 1:48
19. Oscuras intenciones 0:55
20. Todo menos bueno 1:46
21. Que inocente es 0:23
22. Al fin juntos 1:01
23. La partida de cartas 3:10
24. Un nuevo impulso 1:02
25. Nuevo renacer para Tejidos Silva 1:23
26. Picardia 0:45
27. Vamos a hablar 1:18
28. La Senora Loygorri indaga 1:28
29. Salvador 1:06
30. Adelante 1:24
31. Resumen 2:10

CD 2
01. Adela 3:04
02. Seis formas de ser 3:00
03. Las jugadas del tio Ricardo 2:38
04. Elisa se desenvuelve 1:26
05. Estrategia 1:23
06. Celia 1:46
07. Comienza la jornada 2:10
08. Ya queda menos 1:20
09. Vamos con esto adelante 2:09
10. Diana 1:27
11. Se nos va 1:49
12. Si estuviese el aqui 2:20
13. Todo se tuerce 2:07
14. Francisca 2:22
15. Diana y Salvador 1:22
16. La reivindicacion de Celia 2:15
17. Todo a quedado atras 1:53
18. Otro enfoque 1:58
19. A la Carcel 2:08
20. Lo hemos hecho todo nosotras 2:35
21. Esta tarde 2:22
22. Por Madrid 2:03
23. Lo vivido 2:03